Blue Brain Project / EPFL

OrthoClear Inc.

AlgoTrek Technology Consulting

AlgoTrek has developed the following proprietary softwares.

  • OrthoCheck3D: Research 3D orthodontics application using VC++ and ActiveX
  • JOrthoCheck: Research 3D orthodontics application using Java
  • OrthoTreat: A fully automated 3D graphics virtual orthodontics treatment system which was made by the team as AlgoTrek to study the feasibility of our newly invented treatment process. The product was finished at OrthoClear. It was later deprecated in favor of OCModeller, OCPrescription. Features included:
    • Fully Interactive 3D graphics viewer for jaw model.
    • Automatic staging and interactive virtual treatment setup.
    • Treatment planning and tooth movement tracker.
    • Simulated gingival with full editing capabilities.
    • Tooth Attachments
    • Tooth Roots modeling
    • Real time collision engine.
    • Interproximal Reduction calculation based on the collision engine.
    • Export capabilities for Viewpoint based Interactive web application for OrthoView.
    • Export capabilities for CNC drilling for manufacturing aligner.
    • Finer movements, Tooth extraction and local coordinates system for teeth.
    • XML based data serialization.
    • 3D measuring tools
    • Undo feature for 3d manipulation.

AlgoTrek also subcontracted the development of several systems for Align Technology. A few noteworthy projects include:
  • Interactive ClinCheck v1.0 through v2.0: An improvement over the Clincheck 3D software to enable doctors to interact with the 3D model to suggest changes to the treatment of their patients’ cases. (VC++, OpenGL, ActiveX)
  • AlignUpdater v1.0: A automatic software update framework for Clincheck.(VC++)
  • Align SDK: The Align SDK is an extensive 3D graphics library that implements and optimizes several orthodontics/3D related functions, along with the standard model/rendering mechanisms. The team was involved in enhancements and additions to the SDK. (VC++, OpenGL, DirectX, Vtk)
  • Comments Wizard: A web portal for the Align clients (orthodontists) to plan their treatment and generate comments on existing treatment. The system used STRUTS to generate web pages and controls at run-time based on the users’ input. (Java/JSP/STRUTS/SQL Server)

Align Technology