The Premier Orthodontic Software Engineering Team in the World.

As the developers of the OrthoClear Aligners system, we are one of the few engineering team in the world who have actually implemented an entire invisible aligner business. In addition we have developed significant systems for Align Technology. We have specialized expertise in Orthodontics, 3D computer graphics, web and ERP systems.

Some of the things we can do for you include:

  • 3D Orthodontics Applications for virtual treatment
  • Applications for 3D DATA acquisition and scanning
  • 3D Applications for showing your treatments on the Web to clients
  • DB systems for managing your Orthodontic business
  • Applications such as virtual articulators

In addition we have access to one of the largest group of virtual orthodontics treatment operators who we can organize in an effective force for you to outsource work to.

Experts in Financial Analytic Softwares and 3D graphics for Financial Applications

We also use our relationship with Wharton Partners to develop sophisticated financial applications. Our team includes members with specialized experience in developing Analytics and Financial Software Systems. Members have experience with firms such as Goldman Sachs, ABN Amro Bank and the Karachi Stock Exchange. Members have developed Trading and Analytic systems. One of our partners was one of the pioneers of using 3D computer graphics for financial visualization at Goldman Sachs in the early 90s.

We have made the only simulated trading platform for the Karachi Stock Exchange ( This platform is used by among others Lahore University of Management Science and Bahria University.

Some of the things we can do for you include:

  • 3D Visualization Applications for Financial Services
  • Trading systems/Web Based Trading System/Analysis systems
  • Sales Team assistance systems
  • Customer Interfacing systems
  • Financial Data Processing
  • Remote Trading Assistant Services

Tools and Technologies

Our growing team is comfortable with most of the current technologies and platforms, and can master new technologies rapidly. A brief list of technologies that we have been working with are:

  • Languages
C++ - Visual C++ - JAVA - C# - Objective-C - PHP - Pascal - Prolog - Lisp - Visual Basic - Perl - Ruby
  • Technologies
ActiveX - COM - EJBs - Beans - Java Servlets - JSP - ASP - ASP.NET - XML - JDBC - RMI - DirectX - ATL - MFC - Win32
  • Toolkits
Qt - OpenGl - OpenSceneGraph - Vtk - Adobe Acrobat - RapidForm API - ViewPoint - Xerces
  • Database Systems
MS SQL - MySQL - Oracle
  • Various SDKs and hardware APIs