Who we are

Algotrek is an engineering spinoff of Align Technology - a multibillion dollar medical devices firm. Our core team has experience in setting up 2 Silicon Valley startups, developing for the IBM/EPFL Blue Brain project, financial applications for Goldman Sachs and developing a diverse set of mobile and web applications. Algotrek is Ivy League Alumni owned and part and founding member of the Ivy Company which allows us accesses to skill of over a thousand ivy alumni to provide innovative solutions at best possible value to our customers. We bring Ivy league quality at unbeatable value.

Our Expertise

We have vast experience in working on cutting-edge technologies including 3D Graphics and visualization, Mobile and Web Applications, ERP Systems, advanced image processing, medical imaging software, scientific research applications, artificial intelligence, financial applications and game development for iPhone/iPad as well as flash and social media based games.

Our Advantage

Our main strength is a crack programming team which is extremely adaptive in finding creative solutions to simple as well as some of the most complex problem. We combine our engineering expertise with top business expertise from Wharton business school alumni to provide the maximum value for your business. With a focus on adding value to your business, we maintain a fast, efficient and reliable development cycle.

Our cost structure enables us to do projects of all sizes and complexities. We look forward to adding value to your business.

Being social and professional networking enthusiast, we have developed many niche communities including the largest communities for medical devices startups, ivy league alumni jobs, ivy league entrepreneurs, orthodontics technology.