OrthoClear Inc.

OrthoClear Inc. became the leading provider of Invisible braces only one year after its conception. The Algotrek team was instrumental in taking it from a small startup to 20 million dollars in sales in less than 2 years, after which, Align Technology bought the company along with its intellectual property in a settlement deal. It was one of the few companies involved in global mass production of customized products. Each OrthoClear appliance was unique and yet produced using mass-production techniques.

We developed all major software used by OrthoClear, designed and optimized the production line and helped to reduce the manufacturing cost to less than 50% of the competitors. The critical nature of the project and the importance of the intellectual property required the core team to work at all levels, so 3D graphics software, 3D scanning, virtual orthodontics, CNC coordinate generation for 5 axis CNC machines, ERP systems and web systems for the e-business, process development, software requirements, application architecture, IP development, software process integration, mechanical engineering solutions, cost structural and product launch were a few major areas we were involved in.

The team also developed the patent portfolio (more than 50 patents and patents pending) during OrthoClear’s lifetime.

Details of our work at orthoclear.